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On this home page we'll introduce our organization, give you a short history of the Deming Performing Arts Theater and a little bit about historic Morgan Hall.                

Location: 109 E Pine Street, Deming NM

Deming Performing Arts Theater         A 501 (c)(3) Non Profit Corp.

The Deming Performing arts Theater was started by Shirley Knight. She talked Enza Koger into asking Sharon Lein, the director of the Deming
Luna Mimbers Museum, if they could use the new transportation wing area of the museum for their plays.

    They needed portable stages, so in 2001, Shirley and Lynn Cox went to Duke  Energy, asking for money to buy them. Frank Fisher from
Duke Energy, Shirley and Enza went to the city council and asked to use Morgan Hall, 109 East Pine, as they had out grown the museum after
just two plays.

    Deming Performing Arts Theater has had wonderful entertainers and entertainment.  Holy Water & Whiskey, Big Jim Adam & John Stilwagen, Rio Grande Guitar Quartet, Sarah Getto, Rod Erickson, Open Range, Rick Morganstern, Keith Longbothan, Grand Ol' Opry, Deming Style plus plays,
"The Night of January 16th" and "Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol", to name a few.

    DPAT (as we are called) has come a long way in just a short period of time through the efforts of the dedicated people who wanted to see
something happen. They were the ones who made it happen, now they and others are keeping it going!

    Please consider joining us as we expand our horizons. No experience necessary, just the desire to have fun while providing quality
 "Wholesome Family Entertainment" to Deming area residents and visitors.

    Our Mission is to build funding through
"Wholesome Family Entertainment" to allow us to award Scholarships to graduating Deming High
School students.  The students must meet a criteria of studying in the field of "Performing Arts", be it Theater, Music, Production or Dance.
In May of 2011, DPAT gave five (5) $1000 scholarships to deserving students!  Thank you for your support!!!  On May 14, 2012, DPAT matched
it's 2011 total of five (5) $1000 scholarships with another five!  Thanks again for your support of our theater, couldn't do it without you!!!

Morgan Hall

 Morgan Hall

Built in 1908, it was originally the City Hall and fire station. It was remodeled in 1938 by the W.P.A. In
Spanish Pueblo Revival Style, it has a recessed portico entry with vigas and ornate wood pillars with lintels
and corbels. It has metal casement windows. The east addition has a portico with an ornate wood door.
Meeting rooms, a stage and auditorium with high ceilings are still used for meetings and stage productions
and is an historic community center.

 (Partial excerpt from Deming City Web Site)

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Our Board of Directors

       Glenn Kruger
Vice President:
        Marlene Billingsley
        Richard Gillett
Recording Secretary:
         Betty McMahon  
Corresponding Secretary:
         Jo Kruger

Members at Large
Lola Machande
Bud Billingsley
Bob Proebstel
Max Crook
Walt Meyer
Ron Wolfe